Renewing Your Visas Se Habla Espanol

Immigrants in South Carolina Must Renew Their Visas

South Carolina Immigration AttorneyIf you entered the state of South Carolina to live, work, or study with a Visa, you will be allowed to remain in the state and the US for a certain period of time. This time period can range from a few months to several years. Renewing your Visa can be complicated, especially if your reason for staying in the country has changed – for example, if you came in as a student and want to stay in the US to work.

It is important not to let your Visa lapse if you are in this country, but unfortunately, too many immigrants get caught up in work or school and forget until it is too late. In some frightening situations, your Visa status can be revoked – for example, if you are arrested because of an immigration raid. It is important to have help regarding your Visa status, especially if it has changed recently.

Visas and Immigration in South Carolina

There are several kinds of Visas to live in the US – tourist Visas, Student Visas, investment Visas (for immigrants specifically wanting to live in the US but engage in high-dollar international trade), and business Visas (for those who want to work for a specific company). Colleges and businesses often help immigrants apply for Visas, but it is your responsibility to maintain the Visa once you have it.

If you have been arrested for a crime, even a misdemeanor, or have been caught up in an immigration raid, your Visa could be under threat. A South Carolina immigration attorney can help you fight for your rights, including the right to remain in the state and the US with your Visa.

My Visa Is About to Expire and I Need Help to Reapply

If you have questions about your Visa status, applying or renewing for a Visa, or fighting the revocation of your Visa, the South Carolina immigration attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. We offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case, so contact us today for help. Se Habla Espanol.